Session 5

Dear Guys and gals,
This session you have to write about your ideal job.
Where would you like to work? What area?

Who would you like to work with?
Explain why this job would make you happy and how you would contribute to your career with it. What about the hours, the boss?
180-200 words
Don´t forget to make comments on your friends´blogs

Session 4

My Dear guys and gals,This time you have to write about your favourite subject. You need to say what´s about, what are the classes like? Explain and provide at least two reasons why you like it so much.150-200 wordsdon´t forget to make comments on your classmates´blogsregards

session 3

My dear friends,

this time you have to write a person inn your field you admire


Who she/he is (little biography)

What she/he has done (examples of their work)

Why you like him//her

Include their image

Don´t forget to make comments on your classmates blogs (3)


Session 2

My dear people,
this time you have to write about you and your profession.
I want you to tell me why you decided to become a Vet. What do you think about the career, the uni and you becoing a veterinarian.

120-140 words

p.s. you need to make 3 comments on your classmates´blogs

Session 1

Session 1> Create blog / Link classmates / Personalize blog / Write intro post min 70 words

A) Follow the instructions and create your blog
1. go to:
2. click: create your blog now
3. if you have a google account: sign in first
if you don’t have a google account: create a google account (step 1)
4. (step 2) name your blog
5. (2) choose any template you like
6. start posting (dashboard)
Make sure you select English as your working language and activate the comments option (automatic by default)

B) Link your teacher’s blog and ALL your classmates’ blogs to yours. To do this you need to write your URL on the board.
C) Write a short introductory/welcome post. (70 words)
Say who you are and what objectives you hope to achieve with your blog.
D) Leave comments on at least 3 of your classmates’ blogs.
E) Personalize your blog (e.g. add a picture, survey, change colour fonts, etc). Pimp it up!!!!